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Calazo publishing house started as a rather ambitious hobby project to map the country's best top tours. A bit of luck with the weather and a lot of crazy adoption resulted in the country's first book on ski climbing - Swedish Top Tours - being published in the autumn of 2004. In 2005, the guidebook Stockholms Friluftsliv was launched, where we collected all the fun things you can do in nature around Stockholm. The book sold really well, we were interviewed by radio and newspapers and little by little began to think about whether it would be possible to make a whole series of books about outdoor life in different places in Sweden.

Intoxicated by the success of the first two books, we resigned from our salaried jobs and invested fully in Calazo Förlag. From the beginning we did everything ourselves: hiked, cycled, paddled, crawled in caves, photographed, wrote, drew maps and did the design.

Nowadays, a total of 10 people work at Calazo, of which one person is in Finland. Today, we function largely as a traditional publisher where the authors are out doing all the fun and our talented designers and cartographers put together nice and useful products.

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