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Inviting animals to the garden creates both life and joy

Here you will find products that contribute to increased biodiversity. Helping birds, bats and insects to find good habitats is becoming more and more important, as their natural habitat in nature has disappeared in many places.

We now see that the number of insects in the world has decreased drastically. We read alarming headlines such as "mass death of insects" and "our insects die away". Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to this.
It is therefore important that we make an effort and increase the chances of survival for our insects and smallest friends.
With the help of insect hotels, hop huts and bee batteries, we will have gone a long way in our journey to help our insects.

The birds also suffer from the housing shortage with the modernization of agriculture and forestry - Which has led to the disappearance of suitable nesting places. This can be remedied with the help of bird nests in your garden. Feeding birds and other animals is a fun and exciting way to get life going in your garden and it will create more visitors for you to explore.

Naturbutiken has bird feeders and nests of all kinds, which attract both birds and other small animals.

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